When the going gets rough, the tough call Cyber Pope!

He’s always ready with absolution and a cold one.

Cyber Pope Baja California

What else is there to say about Cyber Pope? Kind. Generous. Frustrated with the way the world is headed.

Cyber Pope Out For a Cruise

Cyber Pope believes Idiocracy is here. Idiocracy of course is the Mike Judge movie that portends to show us the near future. A world of increasing stupidity. If Cyber Pope can help reverse this course, he will! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Idiocracy

Cyber Pope Brings Loved Ones Together

Cyber (sometimes he just goes by his first name) is a swell guy who loves love… and loves to help bring people together. Maybe soon he will launch his Cyber Pope dating site!

Cyber Pope at the Vortex of Power

The Cyber Pope often recharges at the Vortex of Power. Do not try this at home.